We manufacture, supply and install

a wide range aluminium products such as:

Windows, doors, shop fronts,

showers and showcases

in the Durban, KZN area

From small home renovations, to massive office blocks, incorporating aluminium into your structure and design can not only enhance the strength of your construction, but also add an aesthetic element to it.

grill security gate uberstruct

Uberstruct is a new, energetic and service driven Aluminium Installations Company currently trading in the greater KZN area.

Years of personal experience in the construction industry has led to the owners starting their own Aluminium Installations venture. Our skilled installation team is highly trained and always supervised on site by one of the owners.

We understand that having construction workers in and out of your personal space can feel very invasive, and therefore Uberstruct strives to make the process of having work done on your home, to be easy, hassle free and with a sense of security and tact at all times. Our quality of work is proof of our dedication. We like to build a positive relationship with our clients, which include home-owners, business owners, construction workers and architects.

Aluminium is our chosen product because of its brilliant qualities. It has a wonderfully neutral style which makes it easy to incorporate into any pre-existing design or theme you may have. Our Aluminium Installation staff will happily assist with fitting products into your home or office, and we take enormous pride in our work.

Our service includes installation of aluminium products anywhere in the home or office environment. Aluminium is elegant, it is very neat and unassuming, and incredibly low maintenance in terms of repairs and cleaning. There are also some wonderful security options out there to consider, especially if you want to feel secure within your private home or office space without compromising on style and decor by settling for unsightly burglar guards.

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