As An aluminium building contractor in KZN we offer various services related to the installation of aluminium products around the home and office environments of our clients.

 Aluminium suppliers and installers


Showers tend to be the space where we replenish our energy for the day, or prepare to wind down towards the evening routine. Running water is known for its therapeutic properties, however with comes maintenance, especially considering that areas in the home that are frequently exposed to moisture can harbour rust and mildew.

Fortunately with aluminium, it is naturally resistant to the effects of moisture. It is light weight and supports the glass panes with ease and style.

Window and Door Frames

Uberstruct Aluminium Building Contractors are exceptionally skilled at fitting window frames and door frames. These structures add value to the window or door as support measures. Again, when comparing the value of Aluminium to Wood, Aluminium is by far the preferred choice. It is far more weather resistant, and is not affected by moisture the way wood is, it is more environmentally friendly as aluminium can be recycled, while wood will generally decay over time. Aluminium is very low maintenance and easy to clean, generally requiring a regular wipe down and not much more beyond that. Of course, aluminium is also very elegant and shows a modern sense of taste that is contemporary and neutral.


 There is no need to ruin your view with unsightly burglar guards. Instead, consider using aluminium window blinds. They are very decor-friendly, they allow you privacy beyond the ability of a curtain and due the way they are secures, will allow you complete safety from the inside.

Shop Fronts

Aluminium Building Contractors such as Uberstruct can give you the most secure shop front, and also the most appealing. Your shop front is your image to the world, not everyone walking past your shop will understand your business unless you dress your shop to attract people inside. Make sure you look professional and organised. Having aluminium frames as the structure around your glass windows can create an extremely contemporary look and giving the impression of great success. Using an aluminium showcase or stand is also incredibly effective for displaying items. Consult Uberstruct for a quote, obligation free!